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Crush 'N Design Hearts & Happiness

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At Orbeez®, we believe in fun for everyone, and with Orbeez Crush N’ Design Hearts & Happiness, you and your BFF can create two sweet pieces of art! The two designs included show off friendship, love, and fun and can be decorated with Orbeez Crush. With 300 Orbeez in 4 colors, showing off your hearts and happiness has never been more squishy, silly, or fun! Simply crush, grow, and create your own unique piece to share with others. Plus, with suction cup hook stands included you can hang your work up on a window, mirror, or in your locker at school. 


Kit includes:

  • 2 Crush n Design Sets
  • 300 Orbeez® in 4 Colors
  • 2 Injectors
  • 1 Crushing Tube
  • 2 Suction Cup Hook Stands