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Grow! Crush! Create!

Welcome to our Orbeez® online shop! Orbeez are a bouncy, silly, wacky surprise. These little balls start out as tiny round seeds and grow right before your eyes! Simply place your Orbeez in a bowl of warm water, wait a few hours, then enjoy tons of fun! There are so many things to do with Orbeez! Check out our videos to watch the Orbeez kids in action as they teach crafts, do experiments, and go on some crazy Orbeez adventures.

Our Orbeez® Spa products are perfect for at-home relaxation and come with real, relaxing spa jets! For the artists in the family, Orbeez Crush N’ Create kits are perfect for creating your own work of art, completely out of Orbeez. And for kids looking to have some instant fun, our grown Orbeez are ready to play with right away. Orbeez are wet and wacky, soft and squishy, and crazy fun. Buy Orbeez online and watch the amazing Orbeez seeds grow from big to small. There are endless ways to play, so get started today!

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