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Pom Pom Wow

Pumpkin Patch Craft of The Month

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With the Pumpkin Patch Craft project, you can turn any pumpkin into an adorable and fluffy Pom Pom Wow masterpiece. Forget carving pumpkins this year and instead make it a Pom Pom Wow Halloween! With this craft of the month project, you can make your pumpkin the most unique one on the block.

Take your lil’ pumpkin and grab an 8” pumpkin from your local craft store to begin your fun today. And with 500 colorful pom poms, there’s no limit to what you can create. The Pom Pom Wow pumpkin is the new jack-o-lantern this Halloween. Start crafting today!


Your Pumpkin Patch Craft of The Month project will include:

  • 50 Pom Poms in White
  • 450 Pom Poms in Pink, Turquoise, or Purple - design it your way!
  • 588 Sticky Dots

*Pumpkin not included

*Turquoise and Purple pumpkin design not shown