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Pom Pom Wow

Pom Pom Wow Thanksgiving Special

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Now there are Pom Poms for every season! The Pom Pom Wow Thanksgiving Special comes with 150 Pom Poms in a variety of vibrant colors, 170 sticky dots, and an 11" x 17" turkey poster to decorate. This kit is a perfect turkey day activity to keep your kids busy while you are prepping for Thanksgiving dinner. Or you can use the fluffy Pom Pom turkeys to decorate your house for the best Thursday of the year. Create the perfect Pom Pom Wow turkey today! This offer is good through November 30th while supplies last!


Your Pom Pom Wow Thanksgiving Special will include:

  • 150 Pom Poms in assorted colors
  • 170 Sticky Dots
  • One 11” x 17” Pom Pom Wow Thanksgiving Turkey poster
  • One Instruction Sheet