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Splat-tastic Fun for Everyone with Zorbeez Toys!

There’s no better way to gross out your friends than blasting them with super gross, uber wacky Zorbeez™!

Icky, slimy - oh my! Zorbeez™ are the science experiment gone wrong and now you can gross out your friends with our many products. Enjoy countless hours of fun and easy clean up with all of our Zorbeez™ products!

To get started with Zorbeez™, try one of our Gross Seeds pack, which comes in Explosion Orange, Toxic Green, Goopy Blue, and Snotty Yellow. Just add water and watch as the tiny Gross Seeds transform right in front of your eyes! Once your Zorbeez™ are grown, enjoy them in a Monster Oozer, which allows you to shoot your friends with gross Zorbeez™ slime and collect all the Monster Oozers to build your collection. We have One-Eyed Joe, Spaced Out Max, Shaggy Shedder Sam, and Fish Faced Fred!

If the Monster Oozers aren’t enough, grab a Creature Chumper and blast crushed Zorbeez™ from up to 10 feet away. You don’t want to get hit with this crushed slime. Buy Zorbeez™ now for the grosses fun you’ll ever have!

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