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About Cutie Stix™

Wear ‘em, share ‘em, the designs are all yours! Cutie Stix™ are a new, fun way to make jewelry, decorate shoes and cord accessories, and more! Everything you make will be seriously cute! The possibilities are endless with our Cut & Create Station, where you can turn your Cutie Stix™ into anything your heart desires! Which Cutie Stix™ friend will be your favorite? Maybe the frog! Or the ice cream cone! Or even the cute fox!

Whichever Cutie Stix™ pattern is your favorite, we’ve got it here! Our Cutie Stix™ come in three different sizes, with endless ways to play. Try our mightie stix, cutie stix, or even the teenie stix! With the teenie stix you can create nail art and have dazzling nails for any occasion.

With so many Cutie Stix™ to choose from, the cute creations never end! Use the Cutie Stix™ instructions to create customizable bracelets, necklace, rings and more with your very own Cutie Stix™. Show off your darling designs and match them with each outfit. With Cutie Stix™ you can be creative and unique, start designing today!