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About Orbeez

How To Grow Orbeez

Safety and FAQ

What are Orbeez®? They are bouncy, crazy, wacky fun! Crush ‘em, soak ‘em, bounce ‘em and more! With easy cleanup and lots of Orbeez products, the fun is endless. Simply pour, soak, and play and Orbeez will instantly make your day! Watch them grow right before your eyes for a fun and magical surprise that won’t stain your clothes. We are all about Orbeez and you’ll be too!

Orbeez® come in a variety of products, including our best-selling Ultimate Soothing Foot Spa, which features relaxing whirlpool jets, a real nail tool, and of course - Orbeez! Treat yourself to the most relaxing (and fun) pedicure there is.

We also have a variety of Orbeez® Crush ‘N Design sets, perfect for the little artist in your family! Grow your Orbeez, crush them into a fun art material, and create amazing designs that you can stick on a window or mirror. Making art has never been more squishy or more fun. Each set includes 2 Crush n Design patterns, 2 suction cup hook stands, 2 injectors and 300 Orbeez in four different colors. With so many Orbeez products to choose from the fun will never end!