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About Zorbeez

Slimy, squirmy, gooey oh my! Zorbeez™ are the gross and splat-tastic experiment gone wrong, and now they can be all yours! Zorbeez™ instructions are easy to follow. Just grow your own Zorbeez™ from Gross Seeds, surprise your friends with the blasting ooze play of the Zorbeez™ Monster Oozers, or experience the ultimate Zorbeez™ gross blasting action play with the Big Ben Creature Chumper! Blast your friends with gross Explosion Orange Zorbeez™ from up to 10 feet away! Ew!

Gross out your friends and family by filling up your Monster Oozer with crushed Zorbeez™ and squeeze it out through its eye sockets and nose! Your friends may be grossed out but for you it will be fun fun fun!

What are Zorbeez™? Zorbeez™ are slimy and icky, yet easy to clean up! Simply let your Zorbeez™ dry and vacuum them up! Playing dirty has never been more clean. With Zorbeez™, there is no such thing as too gross!