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Cutie Stix® FAQ

Q: What is the recommended age for Cutie Stix® products?

A: Cutie Stix products are recommended for ages 6 and up. This product comes with small sized parts and is considered a choking hazard for children 3 and under. 

Q: What should I do if my child swallows a Cutie Stix® charm?

A: It is suggested to seek medical attention and bring a Cutie Stix with you to the medical center if Cutie Stix have been swallowed. If your child inserts Cutie Stix in their ear or nose, it is also recommended to seek medical attention to get the Cutie Stix removed.

Q: What comes in a Cutie Stix® Cut & Create Station?

A: 1 storage station, 1 cutting unit, 1 stix wand, 2 cutting frames, 1 sheet of adhesive dots, 8 jewelry clasps, 24 connectors, 1 coring unit, 1 coring wand, 2 coring containers, 1 threader, 2 threaded spools, 24 Cutie Stix in 3 different sizes (4 Mighties, 14 Cuties, 6 Teenies).

Q: Is the Cutie Stix® Cut & Create Station messy?

A: While this toy may get slightly messy while your child is playing with the Cut & Create Station, this product comes with a storage stations with room to hold all of the products in an organized fashion! We recommend setting up all of the items in the storage station before your child starts to create their customized jewelry items so everything is organized. 

Q: Is it easy to make Cutie Stix® designs?

A: Our products are created with kids in mind! With just a few minutes of directions from you, your kids will be able to engage in hours of creation fun. Cutie Stix Cut & Create Station comes with everything your child needs to create countless designs. 

Q: What can my child make with the Cutie Stix® Cut & Create Station?

A: There are endless designs that your child can make with Cutie Stix! Our customizable jewelry creation station comes with 3 different sizes of Cutie Stix so you can make necklaces, bracelets, figures and even nail art designs. 

Q: How do you apply the nail art designs?

A: To create the Cutie Stix nail art designs, use one of the Teeny Stix to cut and create your perfect design. Then you can apply your nail art by using the adhesive dots that come in your Cutie Stix Cut & Create Station.

Q: How long does the nail art stay on?

A: Generally the Cutie Stix nail art will stay on for a few hours depending on the activity level of your child. The nail art may fall off faster if water touches the nail. 

Q: How do I purchase more Cutie Stix®, adhesive dots, jewelry clasps, connectors, and threaded spools?

A: With three fun themed refill packs to choose from, the fun of customizing your Cutie Stix creations never ends! Each refill pack come with 11 unique stix: 2 Mighties, 6 Cuties, 3 Teenies, and it includes 4 sets of jewelry clasps, 1 threaded spool, 12 connectors, and 1 small sheet of adhesive dots. Purchase your Cutie Stix™online with us or at a retail store near you! 

Q: What theme refill packs can you chose from?

A: There are currently three fun themed refill packs to choose, including: Refill Stix Treats, Refill Stix Animals, and Refill Stix Emojis.

Shop today to start customizing beautiful and unique jewelry. Cut, create and show off your dazzling designs. If you have more questions about our Cutie Stix products, contact us today!