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Inside Maya Toys

Our purpose as toymakers is to create delightful play experiences and lifelong memories for children and their families.

Since 1992, when the company began in distribution, we have emerged as a global producer of WOW-inducing toys. Best known for our award-winning Orbeez and Pom Pom Wow brands, Maya Toys is a process-savvy, values-driven and passionate organization. We’ve found our calling in the toy industry, and never take our success and partnerships for granted.

Maya Toys Culture

Small Company, Big Footprint

We operate with the mindset of a boutique toy company, yet we produce high-quality goods at the global level. For each item we launch onto the market, we’re proud to say, “This is our product!”

Family Matters

Whether you’re an employee, a business partner or a link in our supply chain, you’re part of our family. We operate with integrity and fairness at all levels, and support win/ win business models.

It's All About The Wow

We operate in a manner that rewards the best idea. Period. Our Maya Toys culture promotes collaboration at all levels within and beyond the organization. Our goal is to work towards ‘WOW’ solutions.

Fast, Fruitful and Fun

We move from ideation to market in a flash, while executing at a high caliber. And within this fast-paced environment, we’re driven by both professionalism and fun. After all, if we’re not having a blast, we’re not doing it right!