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Ultimate Soothing Spa

Give your feet a spa treatment with the pampering power of Orbeez®! The Orbeez Ultimate Soothing Foot Spa for kids comes with everything you need to give yourself and your besties the pedicure of your dreams. The cascading waterfall of Orbeez foot spa beads is so relaxing; you will think you are at the nicest spa in town. Plus, with a built-in strainer, soaking your Orbeez and warm water is a breeze! Includes 2,000 Orbeez, bottle of nail polish, and toe separators. The Ultimate Soothing Foot Spa is big enough for all ages and the kit includes 2,000 Orbeez for maximum comfort!

1 Ultimate Soothing Spa 2,000 Orbeez Nail Polish Toe Separators

Spin and Soothe Hand Spa

Treat yourself to a relaxing manicure with the Orbeez® Spin and Soothe Hand Spa. With the unique satisfying sensation of Orbeez, the manicure of your dreams is now a reality! The Spin and Soothe Hand Spa set comes with 1,000 Orbeez and has a spinning feature that swirls the rainbow Orbeez around your hands giving the ultimate soothing massage.

Spin and Soothe Hand Spa • 1 000 Orbeez in Assorted Colors • 1 Nail File • 30 Nail Decals

Wowzer Surprise

A magical way to play and collect. The Orbeez Wow World Wowzer Surprise will make you and your friends want to collect them all with Wowzers that come hidden in a globe filled with magical Orbeez. Add water and see the magic happen right before your eyes. Twist the top of your globe and watch as your Wowzer dances. Collect all 20 unique Wowzers in Series 1 including rare and super rare figures.

Super Sweet Shoppe

Craft your favorite treats with the Orbeez® Super Sweet Shoppe! Crush your Orbeez and create one of the 8 super sweet recipes to choose from! This set comes with 2,000 Orbeez in 8 different colors and 5 unique food molds for endless hours of fun. Pick your favorite colors and delight your friends with your beautiful creations!

Orbeez Squeezables

Squish, Squeeze, and Play with Orbeez® Squeezables! Choose from an assortment of bright colors these palm sized Orbeez balls are made for hours of squeezing good fun! Available in either Orbeez or Orbeez Crush!

1 Orbeez Squeezables in 7 Styles

Massaging Body Spa

Your Orbeez® spa experience just got super-sized! Now you can bask in the relaxing glory of Orbeez in a full-sized inflatable lounge chair. With 6,000 Orbeez, this is the ultimate relaxation. Just sit back and enjoy the squishy, bouncy feel of Orbeez on your back and arms. Plus, the Orbeez spa chair doubles as a super cute reclining piece for your room.

Sweet Treats Studio

With the Orbeez® Sweet Treats Studio, there are unlimited ways to create and decorate! Simply grow, crush, and create fun treats for you and your friends. Make beautiful cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and more. With 1,800 Orbeez in various colors, the possibilities are endless! Grab the icing bag and get to work on your delicious creations.

Crush 'N Design Hearts & Happiness

At Orbeez®, we believe in fun for everyone, and with Orbeez Crush N’ Design Hearts & Happiness, you and your BFF can create two sweet pieces of art! The two designs included show off friendship, love, and fun and can be decorated with Orbeez Crush. With 300 Orbeez in 4 colors, showing off your hearts and happiness has never been more squishy, silly, or fun! Simply crush, grow, and create your own unique piece to share with others. Plus, with suction cup hook stands included you can hang your work up on a window, mirror, or in your locker at school.

Crush 'N Design Butterfly & Fairy

Flap your wings and fly away with Orbeez® Crush ‘N Design’s Butterfly & Fairy set! These beautiful patterns look amazing filled with crushed Orbeez and are the perfect accessory for your room, table, or locker. The possibilities are endless with 300 Orbeez in four different colors. With this amazing children’s fairy and butterfly toy, you can tie dye your fairy’s wings, create a Monarch butterfly, or imagine your own creation - the choice is all yours!

Orbeez Color Pack

Orbeez® have three big “wows”: the wow of growing them, the wow of feeling them, and the wow of playing and displaying them! Our Orbeez refill Color Packs have everything you need to get started with this squishy, wacky, silly fun, including 1,000 Orbeez in 7 colors. That’s three and half cups of grown Orbeez! Use them in your Crush ‘N Design sets, creating your Crushkins, and in your in-home spa experiences. Or, just play with them on their own! There’s lots you can do with this fun, magic toy. Plus, mom and dad will love their easy clean up. Shop our Orbeez beads refill pack now!

Mega Refill

Are you ready for even more Orbeez® fun? The Orbeez Mega Refill comes with 6,000 multi-colored Orbeez™ Seeds for endless amounts of wacky fun. Simply add the Orbeez Seeds to water and watch them magically grow right before your eyes! Bounce ‘em and crush ‘em, or add them to your favorite Orbeez products. You won’t want to miss out on this ultimate pack of Orbeez. It’s MEGA fun!

Mega Pack

Are you ready for some mega fun? The Orbeez® Mega pack comes with 2,000 Orbeez in 5 sensational colors: purple, pink, yellow, teal, and blue. With this many Orbeez you can take your crafting to the next level. Create a new Crush N’ Design Butterfly or a delicious dessert from Sweet Treats Studio with this Orbeez refill pack. The possibilities are endless with thousands of Orbeez!

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You must be at least 18 years or be with a legal guardian to purchase online.