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Pom Pom Wow™ FAQ

Q: What is the recommended age for the Pom Pom Wow™ products?

A: Pom Pom Wow™ is recommended for children ages 5-15. This product contains small parts and can be considered a choking hazard for children aged 3 and under.

Q: What comes with the Pom Pom Wow™ Decoration Station?

A: Decoration Station comes with 1 portable play set, 75 pom poms in 4 colors, 85 adhesive dots, 8 removable pom pom trays, 1 removable water tray, 1 adhesive roll dispenser, 2 markers, 1 blotting cloth, 1 paintbrush, 1 pipette, 4 stamper pads, 4 watercolors, and 1 glitter gel pen. 

Q: How do I store all of my Pom Pom Wow™ product items?

A: The Pom Pom Wow™ Decoration Station comes with a portable play set that folds up for simple, mess-free transportation and storage. You can store all of your pom poms and decoration tools in one central place!

Q: How do I purchase more Pom Pom Wow™ product items?

A: If you run out of Pom Poms, we sell Pom Pom Wow™ Variety Pack that includes 120 pom poms in a variety of colors, materials and sizes.

Q: How large are the Pom Poms?

A: Our amazing pom poms come in two cute sizes! Our standard pom poms are 22mm long and our mini pom poms are 13 mm long.

Q: What happens if my child swallows one of the pom poms?

A: It is recommended that if a substantial number of pom poms are swallowed, seek immediate medical attention and bring the pom poms with you to the medical office. Avoid sticking pom poms in your ear or nose. If a pom pom gets stuck in your child’s ear or nose seek medical attention as well.

Q: What can I put my pom poms on?

A: The possibilities are endless with Pom Pom Wow™. You can adhere the pom pom’s onto any object. Whether you want to decorate your room, your locker or your accessories, Pom Pom Wow™ is the perfect addition to any item.

Q: Do the pom pom’s ruin, or leave a sticky surface on the item you place them on?

A: Pom poms should not ruin or leave a sticky surface on your items. However, we do not recommend sticking your pom poms on delicate surfaces.

Q: What happens if the pom poms get wet?

A: If your pom poms get wet, the adhesive may loosen and cause your pom poms to fall off. Try to keep your pom poms dry as this will help them attach to your items for longer.  

Q: How can you decorate the pom poms?

A: The Pom Pom Wow™ Decoration Station has 6 different techniques to customize your pom poms. The decoration station comes with markers, a paintbrush, stamper pads, watercolors and a glitter gel pen. There are so many ways to decorate your pom poms and show off your designs.

Q: Will the decoration tools stain?

A: All of the decoration tools are water based inks and they should come out with a standard cleaning. But, as a rule of thumb, we recommend to protect delicate surfaces while using the decoration tools.

Pom Pom your world with Pom Pom Wow™! Contact us today with any other questions you have about our Pom Pom Wow™ products!