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Splat-tastic Fun for Everyone with Zorbeez Toys!

There’s no better way to gross out your friends than blasting them with super gross, uber wacky Zorbeez™!

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Achieve Total Oozification with ZorbeezTM

First there was Orbeez™, and now there’s Zorbeez™! If you’re looking for hours of safe, super gross fun, look no further than Zorbeez™. Made from cutting edge crush-and-ooze technology, Zorbeez™ keeps the gross fun going with Zorbeez™Monster Oozers and the Big Ben Creature Chumper.

Zorbeez™ magically grow from tiny Gross Seeds™to fully hydrated Zorbeez™ beads. Just add Gross Seeds™ to water and watch them grow. You’re now ready to crush the Zorbeez™, load them into your Monster Oozer or Creature Chumper, and blast ‘em! With some help from monsters like One Eyed Joe, Fish Faced Fred, Spaced Out Max, and Shaggy Shedder Sam, you can shock and surprise your friends with Zorbeez™ blasts whenever and wherever you like.

The best part? You can tell your parents  that Zorbeez™games are easy to clean and don’t stain - so they  don’t have to worry about cleaning up a mess! Start crushing, blasting, and squeezing and achieve total oozification with Zorbeez™ today!