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Zorbeez™ FAQ

Q: What is the recommended ages for the Zorbeez™ products?

A: Each of the Zorbeez™ products (Creature ChumperTM Big Ben, Monster OozersTM, & Gross SeedsTM) are recommended for children ages 5+.

Q: How do I grow the Zorbeez™?

A: Place your Gross SeedsTM into a bowl and add purified, clean water and magically watch them grow into Zorbeez™. 

Q: How much water do you need to add to grow the Zorbeez™?

A: Add 1.5 cups of water into the bowl with your Gross SeedsTM  and let them sit for 3 hours or overnight. Watch before your eyes how the Gross SeedsTM  grow into the amazing Zorbeez™!

Q: What colors do the Zorbeez™ come in?

A: You can purchase refill packs that come in four different colors, including Explosion Orange, Toxic Green, Goopy Blue, and Snotty Yellow.

Q: What should I do if my child swallows Zorbeez™?

A: Zorbeez™ are non-toxic, non-irritating and non-allergenic. We have tested our Zorbeez™ thoroughly and if a child swallows Zorbeez™ they should pass through the digestive system with no problems. Zorbeez™ don’t break down in the digestive tract, they are not absorbed into the body and they do not stick together. Zorbeez™are eliminated through the natural digestive process and should cause no problems to your child. If a substantial number of Zorbeez™ are swallowed, we advise you to seek immediate medical attention for the advice of a medical professional.

Q: What should I do if Zorbeez™ becomes logged in my child’s ear or nose?

A: If Zorbeez™ has becomes logged in your child’s ear or nose, the Zorbeez™ should be removed under otolaryngology (ENT) supervision only. Please contact a medical provider if a Zorbeez gets logged in your child’s ear or nose. Please note that Zorbeez™ are not radiopaque, and as such, will not show up in an X-Ray.

Q: How long can the Zorbeez™ be used before I should throw them out?

A: You can keep your Zorbeez™ fresh for longer by adding a pinch of salt when growing them. Like any water-based product, they will need to be replaced with fresh Zorbeez™ if you smell or see any mold. Zorbeez™ will last several months with no problems if kept in a closed container out of direct sunlight.

Q: How do you dispose of the Zorbeez™?

A: To dispose of your Zorbeez™, do not throw them down your drain. Dispose of Zorbeez™ by throwing them in the trash, or you can even work them into garden soil.

Q: Do the Zorbeez™ stain?

A: Since they are water based, Zorbeez™ do NOT stain! They are easy to pick up and don’t create a mess. Zorbeez are the perfect toys parent’s will love because they do not stick to clothing or carpeting. If your Zorbeez spill, simply let them dry out and vacuum them right up! 

Q: What items come with the Creature ChumperTM Big Ben?

A: This awesome blaster toy comes with 1 Creature ChumperTM Monster, 1 Toxicity Feeder, 1 Crusher, and 1,500 Explosion Orange Gross Juice Seeds.

Q: How does the Creature ChumperTM Big Ben work?

A: Simply fill the toxicity feeder with grown Zorbeez™, crush them into the Creature ChumperTM, and you’re ready to fire. You can blast your friends with gross Explosion Orange Zorbeez™ from up to 10 feet away!

Q: What comes with the Zorbeez™ Monster Oozers?

A: Each Oozer comes with 1 Monster OozerTM, 1 Cartridge, 1 Nozzle, 1 Plunger, 1 Crush Tube, and 850 Zorbeez™(350 Hydrated and 500 Gross Juice Seeds).

Q: How does I use the Zorbeez™ Monster Oozers?

A: After hydrating your Gross SeedsTM into Zorbeez™, crush them up in the Crush Tube, fill the cartridge up with the crushed Zorbeez™, and inject them into your Monster OozerTM. Then it’s time for the fun! Squeeze down on your Monster OozerTM and watch your crushed Zorbeez™ ooze out of your monster’s eyes and nose.

 Zorbeez™ are the grossest fun you’ll ever have! If you have more questions about your Monster Oozer, Creature ChumperTM or Gross SeedsTM  contact us today!